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Antarctica ice shelves shrink, glaciers flowing faster


Free Spirit
Staff member
The massive shelves of ice that ring Antarctica have been shrinking over the past couple of decades, and that could have grave implications for sea level rise.

If the ice shelves keep melting, and I'm sure they will, then all that ice on the land will be free to flow into the ocean which will raise sea levels. It can add to the 9 inches it has already risen since 1900.

Then I guess if Greenland melts and all that cold water hits the gulf stream some of use will be much colder. Its a shame losing all that fresh water. I have to wonder if it will reduce the salinity of the ocean enough to change its ecological system?

Somehow I can't see a good future for us. Man made or not things are changing fast. The planet will survive us but can we survive the changing climate? Will our numbers severely drop at some point? You know how problems can snowball.



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It's the momentum of the melting that is upsetting. If we stopped all greenhouse gas production, it would just keep heating up and melting for a while still to come. That part is just hard to swallow.
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Bah, who cares anymore. Everybody knows we're screwed. Everyone has accepted it. Big industry is fine with it. Heck, some can't wait for the ice caps to melt so they can get to the resources underneath. Building floating coastal cities is going to generate lots of jobs. Ya have to look on the bright side after all. :)

- Cham