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Storm mentioned Yahoo Answers in another thread so I thought I'd get a thread going on these types of sites. What are your thoughts on them? Useful or a waste of time?

From my experience, these types of sites are a hit or miss. Half the time it seems like the people don't even research the question before just guessing. They get points or rep or something for answering so they just spam to get a lot. It's ridiculous.

I do find some helpful stuff sometimes (Usually through Google. Generally anything I have to ask has already been asked by somebody else), but it seems like half the questions out there have stupid answers or even wrong answers voted as the best answer. :lol:


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It depends on where you go to get the answers in my opinion. For Yahoo Answers, any old Tom, Dick or Harry can respond, so you'll often end up trying to find the good answers amongst the bullshit.

Somewhere specialised (Experts Exchange for example) is more likely to give you the answer you need, though I think those types of sites are few and far between.


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Yeah that's true. Experts Exchange is a good example. They require a paid membership just to view answers so you can imagine they are doing what they can to make sure paying customers are happy with the responses.


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I have never heard about Experts Exchange. Yahoo Answers sometimes is good depending on the subjects or the things you ask about. Askville on Amazon is actually good site on consumer products questions.
I used to love Y!A for a while, but then I forgot my password and just never went back. I used to answer a lot of stuff as well as ask, it was a good time passer. The quality of answers can be really good, or really bad. You just have to get lucky.