another unique competition



Well since the Old School Battle was a hit (sort of, everyone that competed in it had fun i hope :) ). I decided to toss another intresting battle out there. However I need ATLEAST 6 people to compete (anymore must be in groups of 2).

First Part: Freestyle sig in anyway they like. I don't care if its sports, anime or whatever. It can be at most 600x600.
Second Part: After the sigs are submited they will be judged and given points 1 to 6. Then each competitor will be assigned one of the sigs in reverse order to edit/refine/change and resubmit. The sigs will then be judged again being assign 1-6 points.

The Contestants
1) Ds136
2) SenatorB
3) Mysticangel
4) shariq
5) Fresh
6) Mozzilaa

The People You Must Impress
1) Kyo Muramasa
2) truper krit09
3) Vince Carter
4) Alex
5) Tantheman
6) Kazmarov


If you got any questions let me know.

DUE DATE: Nov. 7th


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'll be a judge as well, hopefully this time, I wont need a private message from Kyo to remind me to vote. Good luck to everyone.


i'll give a deadline after sign ups are filled.

Further explanation on rules.

If the scoring on the first round goes like this

Ds136 - 6 pts
Unamed 1 - 5 pts
Unamed 2 - 4 pts
Unamed 3 - 3 pts
Unamed 4 - 2 pts
Unamed 5 - 1 pts

the round 2 sigs will be distributed like this.

Ds136 -> Unamed 5
Unamed 1 -> Unamed 4
Unamed 2 -> Unamed 3
Unamed 3 -> Unamed 2
Unamed 4 -> Unamed 1
Unamed 5 -> Ds136

then the points from each section will be added up , if there is tie there will be a tie breaker which I'll announce if the time arises.