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As per my previous thread, a guy I work with got hit by a car a few days ago. Now it was entirely the driver's fault as she went through a red light. He was in a lot of pain and she ended up driving him to the hospital. She was apologising to him over and over and explained that she was distracted as she wasn't familiar with the area and she saw a shop and was trying to figure out how to get over to it. Her brother was also in the car and she explained that she was trying to get him to the hospital as he has cancer.
The guy I work with put off reporting it for a couple of days because of her situation but we kept on at him to report it. Sure she was going slow enough so that she didn't kill him but what if it had have been a child, what if it has happened before or what if it happens again? These were all the questions we were throwing at him. He ended up reporting it because he said it was the right thing to do.

So my question to you is this... If it happened to you, would you report it or would you feel sorry for the driver and her brother and let it slide?


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My general policy is if they apologize and try to make any amends necessary, I'm generally willing to let things slide.

Edit: Although in something like that, I'd expect her to at least help pay for medical bills if she doesn't want it reported.
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I guess it really depends on the situation and on the driver.
Apologizing is not enough but if the driver is not really faulty, then i wouldn't report him.
In your friend's case I guess I wouldn't report it given that she said she wasn't used to the area and that she was confused and brain-distracted fro her brother's illness.