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Another sig by Mal


Likes snow

I might actually use this one.

Give ratings, and your opinion on if I should use this sig instead of my current one.


headin in the right direction. still tut whoring but thats good at your stage lol


Likes snow
Actually, this time I just used tricks I remebered from the tutorials I looked at, and tried my own stuff out. I didn't actually look at any tutorials while making this. Soem of it was just me experimenting with stuff (Like the background, charcter shading/coloring and how the hair fades into the background, the tail-like stream thingy)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's a nice looking sig buddy, but like everyone told you on the last one it's a little too big. But besides that I like it even though purple is not that nice of a color.


you should also try a few different settings on the blur tools you use to see if you can make the brushing less grainy. it helps a lot to define everything and make it look nicer like its actually "glowing" :)


FF Unlimited! Gotta give you some props for that :D

I like it, very technical and cool, but again it's a little big. 8/10 Great work.


It's nice, but it's freakin huge for a sig XD I'll give it an 8/10

I like your current one though...I can't stop watching it loop =\


blue 3
I like it, but I agree with Bio.

I think you nee dsomething to stand out; atleast to me it looks real flat, and doesn't really have a center of focus. Naturally you'd think the girl would be, but she's blended so much that its just part of the background. Maybe highlight the bricks (for lack of a better word) and get them to stand out?

Bio's option would help a lot with this.

Just my opinion though


Registered Member
It's better then the last imo. But Bio's is the best by far lol.