Another photo thread


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A merge of two photos I took of a ruined mill along my drive to the office. A place I often stop and take photos.

Spring and winter.
Nice merge, although the branches don't connect between them:p You could try to only include the brances from one of the photos^^


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The snow covered branches hang lower - this was the best alignment I could easily manage.

Another photo that I water colored.

A Halloween show I went to, a friend's band was performing. Three burlesque performers were also there. This one, Miss Randi Warhol, was doing a Bride of Frankenstien routine.
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Nice job. I love the angle on the slinky...

And I love the merge between the spring and winter photo of the Mill...

And I also love the editing on the street with the red umbrella...

<3 keep it up!


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The reflection of a small flag in a funny lamp with a mirror in it.

Ice water with lemon.

A daffodil in the bottom of my yard near the small creek.


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I really like your work! I like the simple pictures the best - the slinky, the Fiji water bottle, and the ice water with lemon. I would make those desktops. :)