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Another Outrageous Ebay Auction


Registered Member
this has to be seen to be believed


Tawny Peaks (not the womans real name) a former stripper is selling one of her breast implants, signed... The woman was sued by a man who visited the nightclub and claimed "whiplash" after being struck in the face while she swung around... The size if the implant... 66-HH

current bid $1,425.00


New Member
weirdest thing i have ever seen.Man that is creepy btw,the guys selling his "forehead" times up and someguy won it!I think.


Registered Member
Umm, that is disturbing...


Registered Member
the most disturbing part is its price

when I read the story on msnbc it had a total of 10 bids for about 70 dollars...

the current price...


and its still got 2 days left


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
samasaran, Did you see the used condom .... :lol: :eek:


Registered Member
Ebay,Ebay. Well I have never been in an internet auction but I wouldn't be so stupid as to bid up to 16,00000 dollars on a piece of SHIT.