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Another one? Again?


Hell, It's about time!
Yes Yes... I know I have too many :rolleyes:

This one I actually traded another handgun for. It's a Ruger Mini 10/22.... it is a semi-automatic .22 rifle (That is an assault rifle for all you anti-gunners out there :lol:), it has a BEAUTIFUL wood stock... No gun collection is complete without one of these bad boys.

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It's nice to have a collection, and I always say each to their own. But Pro2A, you're about to make a bunch of us real, real jealous! :lol:

At the same time, I try to never have more weapons than I can carry on a dead run. ;)


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I want one. I still have to ask my friend who has an NRA membership to bring me to a range..

Also, I love your carpet.


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I just put a Butlers Creek folding stock on my 10/22. It isn't the best stock in the world and I had to sand down the entrance so the magazines wouldn't get stuck...but it shortens the gun up to where I can fit it under the seat of my car. So I love it ;)
What a great plinker, I have always loved the 10/22.