Another Lightning Scrimmage, Another 4 Fights


Son of Liberty
First things first, here’s the lineup for tonights preseason opener in Pittsburgh. It’s the type of lineup you’d expect considering the abbreviated camp:
Forwards – Jussi Jokinen, Radek Smolenak, Evgeny Artyukhin, David Koci, Steven Stamkos, Zenon Konopka, Wyatt Smith, Ryan Craig, Michel Ouellet, Brandon Bochenski, Jason Ward, Chris Lawrence.

Defensemen – Andy Rogers, Janne Niskala, Matt Smaby, Jamie Heward, Vladimir Mihalik, Andrew Hutchinson.

Goaltenders – Mike Smith, Karri Ramo
Good luck to Steven Stamkos, who will be playing in his first pro game.

Hehehe now on to the part that made me giggle like a school girl:

On to today’s fight-filled scrimmage. The hitting picked up, and by extension so did the fistacuffs. Chris Lawrence vs. Andy Rogers and David Koci vs. Sean O’Connor got things started off. After Zenon Konopka ran Olaf Kolzig we ended up with simultaneous bouts featuring Konopka vs. Radek Smolenak and Shane O’Brien vs. Vladimir Mihalik.

The hitting only picked up after that, and Brandon Segal literally tried to send Matt Carle through the glass, resulting in a large section of the end glass shattering and flying into the only unoccupied seats in the area.


Seems like Tampa is gonna have one tough, firecracker of a roster this season. Hopefully they get past fighting eachother and start beating up their opponents! I'm looking forward to giving a watch to Tampa Bay this Season. Not just because of this, but because I think they've made some good moves thus far, should be exciting club to watch.


Sultan of Swat
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Wow that's crazy, I guess a lot of players are trying to impress the coaches.

I personally don't know what to expect from Tampa Bay this season, they have one of the best players in the league in Lecavalier, they have one of the biggest prospects in the league in Stamkos. But can there goaltending be consistent, Smith and Kolzig are two good goalies, but can they lead this team to the playoffs.

There's going to be a lot of questions marks for this team, but they have a lot of good vetaran players, so should be interesting to watch.