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Another Important Summer for Marc


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An early playoff exit, trade talks surrounding many players and P.K. Subban in the finals has ruffled many feathers. The problem is not what has happened but what has not happened. Lack of scoring and a lack of center depth has turned supporters into none believers. I still have faith in Marc Bergevin but it is starting to fade as the years pass and the progression promised isn't at the same point we hoped. Here are my 5 main ideas of what needs to happen to get back on track for the Montreal Canadiens.

1. Marc needs to start over.

No not a rebuild. He needs to let go of his development ideology and bring in fresh blood for the farm team. There is no hate directed to Sylvain Lefebvre but the man has not done his job and who has he really developed? No one of significant importance. A good example is Artturi Lekhonen who was drafted in the same year as Michael McCarron and who is currently expected to slide behind Max Pacioretty as the number 2 LW. The habs do not lack in drafting, but in development. I can go on and on about great talents not developed and it's not worth it. To conclude, let go for Lefebvre and bring in someone new.

2. Go and get scoring help, preferably at center.

We all see the rumours and want them to happen. Matt Duchene in a Canadiens uniform? Yes please! I really think he's going to get traded and I really think Marc will make a good offer. Sakic knows Duchene is full of talent and Bergevin does too. In an ideal world you get Duchene without giving up Sergachev and i really agree. I believe that Bergevin will acquire a center no one knew was either available or going to get traded. A reason for this revolves around the expansion draft and the abundance of draft picks the Canadiens own in the next 2 years. The habs have quality wingers within the top 9 but need quality centers in between. Have faith.

3. Make cap room and don't overpay to keep your own.

While Plekanec and Emelin have 1 year left on their respective contracts, the consensus is that they should and will be shopped to create cap space. Combined they add up to 10.1M in cap hit which could be freed to either acquire an impact player or sign a quality free agent or two. Next, we all want Markov, Radulov and Galchenyuk to return but not with overpaying salaries. In an ideal world Radulov will make less than 6.5M, Markov less than 5M and Galchenyuk less than 4.5M. The Canadiens currently have 23,187,023M in cap space with 8 forwards, 5 defensemen and 2 goalies signed according to Cap Friendly --> Montreal Canadiens - CapFriendly - NHL Salary Caps . In all seriousness they should not allocate more than 16-18M to these 3 free Agents. While I believe Nathan Beaulieu is done with Montreal, they’ll most likely resign him. I believe King and Flynn have played their last games as Canadiens and Martinsen as well as Nesterov will get qualifying offers but the Habs don’t need to keep them in my opinion.

4. Add fresh blood to the team.

The Blackhawks, Penguins, Predators and other great teams have their core players and surround them with quality youngsters. There are plenty of names I can come up with such as: McCarron, Scherbak, Hudon and co. Instead of signing players let your own draft picks make the team and add some skill to your bottom 6. Lehkonen proved last year he could play in the top 6. My personal opinion is that you need to have skill on every line and if someone in the top 6 isn’t producing then you can insert your youth from the 4th line.

5. Don’t listen to the fans.

I know right? The biggest mistake is being on social media, radio and listening to Montreal media coverage. I’m not directing hate to anyone but the lack of intelligence and the increase bias in this city has given me the scapegoat to unfollow and even block people on social media. The real analysts do not suck up or bash Bergevin on a daily basis. The worst thing you can do is believe the nonsense. You make your own opinion based of facts and knowledge, not some radio host. Best example? Go check out the podcast with Ray Ferraro --> http://pulphockey.com/shows/170525_ferraro.mp3 . He and many other analysts discuss different idea with evidence and proof vs. emotions. This is just an example of what a real hockey discussion sounds like.

To conclude, what I just wrote could mean nothing and could mean anything but these are my ideas and pure speculation. I hope the tides turn this upcoming offseason as the Expansion Draft, NHL entry draft and Free Agency are getting closer and that means one thing. Lots of movement. Maybe June 29th will come earlier and last longer, if you know what I mean.


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The bitterness & anger will grow tenfold if the Preds win the Stanley Cup. We will all be happy to see PK get his Stanley Cup and fulfill his promise but it will make matters even worse for Bergevin because people will keep pointing that finger at Bergevin and chastize him because he traded PK because of Michel Therrien not wanting him in his locker room anymore. This will be the overwhelming theme in the offseason and to win over the disgruntled fans (which I'm admittedly increasingly growing towards that), he's gonna have to do some MAJOR acquisitions to convince us that we can go far in the playoffs next season.

The one thing I wholeheartedly agree with you in your list is #1. We can blame Trevor Timmins all we want as the head scout of the team but in the end, his job is to SCOUT, not DEVELOP. That's on the farm team. Get rid of everyone in the AHL: Lefebvre, Lapointe, etc....they have miserably failed so far and it's showing on many fronts as much as in depth than in bargaining chips to fill our needs and settle our scoring issues.


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There are players drafted in the 5th, 6th, 7th round who make it year after year. the 29 other amateur scouts who missed those players, are they not good? he's found great players everywhere.
my thought is we've so called drafted these top players like Beaulieu and Tinordi and co. but why aren't they fulfilling their projections? lack of quality development