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Movies Another Ghostbusters Movie Being Written?!


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I'm not sure whether to call this a complete rumor or not, because this isn't he first time I've heard something like this. E! Online (via SlashFilm) caught up with Dan Aykroyd during a promotion up in Toronto for his new line of wines and Patron tequila (no shit?) and questioned him about the Ghostbusters rumor.

Aykroyd's answer actually sounds quite promising: "Two sharp young writers are purported to be writing the sequel, the third movie now. If I could interest Seth [Rogen] and Judd [Apatow] to be part of it, that would be an absolute dream." That would be an absolute dream for me too, Mr. Aykroyd. We already confirmed the return of a live-action TMNT this week, so why not Ghostbusters, too?! I just hope this isn't a drunk "Ray Stanz" spewing speculative madness…

What's interesting about this third Ghostbusters movie is that everyone seems to be pretty excited about it. I think it was the combination of the video game and early buzz about a sequel that actually made this a movie most would want to see. I think most people seem to instantly despise the return of beloved franchises like Ghostbusters, but for some odd reason I get very good feeling when I think about Dan Aykroyd and the boys coming back to bust more ghosts.

This might just be the perfect time for the Ghostbusters to return from retirement and deal with some epic new impenetrable force anyway. I just hope that these two writers that Aykroyd has mentioned know what they're doing. How awesome is this new?!
Source: So There Is Another Ghostbusters Movie Being Written?! « FirstShowing.net

This is awesome news. Ghostbusters FTW!
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Sultan of Swat
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That's awesome, I'm a huge fan of the Ghostbusters movies, a third one would be amazing.

Side Note, I didn't know they were making a new Live-Action TMNT movie as well, that's great news as well.


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Update time:

IGN: Murray Confirmed for Ghostbusters?

Murray Confirmed for Ghostbusters?

Original and new actors will cross streams.

by Scott Collura

March 30, 2009 - We've known for some time now that Ghostbusters 3 would probably feature a new guard of ghoul-battlers as well as, at the very least, cameos by some of the original actors from the film, including Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Bill Murray's involvement, however, has never been quite as certain, though now Ramis claims that his buddy will "definitely" be in the film.

Ramis recently spoke to MTV about the project, saying, "We're all going to be in it in different kinds of roles. We're going to be the sage mentors. There are going to be young Ghostbusters."

The Emmy-nominated writing team of Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (co-executive producers of The Office) are penning the screenplay. The pair also wrote this summer's Year One, which Ramis directed.

"Gene and Lee, both of whom I mentored, are now writing the new Ghostbusters," Ramis says. "I'm consulting with them, as is Dan Aykroyd and [original director] Ivan Reitman."

As for Murray's involvement, Ramis joked that "Bill Murray is just waiting for the truckload of money to arrive to get him out of his office."
So for a few years now I've heard two concepts knocked around for GB3 - One with the old crew going to hell (or the NY side of hell as I had heard it described by Akroyd last summer) which as I'd last heard was going to be a CGI movie, and the other being the above mentioned concept with the old crew metoring a new crew. I'm now left to assume that the first concept is probably now the plot to the upcoming video game.

Well in any case I've been waiting a looooooooooooong effing time for this, so lets get the ball rolling.


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Lol ghostbusters used to be good. I hope they make it good tho and not ruin the whole series.


Son of Liberty
This is funny, a couple months ago I was telling my girlfriend how much of a Ghostbuster nut I was back in the day and how I'd sit in front of the Tube for hours on end watching the movies over and over.

I got to thinking about how great they used to be in my old opinion. So I figured meh, I'll bust 'em out and see how they rate in todays day and age (vs. say a Marvel Movie) :hah: it was pathetic. Its amazing easily amused I used to have been because holy cow the plot was so stupid hahaha.

But I will give them this credit... for being an mid 80's flick (1984), they did a perty good job when it came down to the CG's or Greenscreens, whatever it was they did back then. Just in comparison to some of the other movies I was into back then like Howard the Duck (1986).

So yeah... I think there is a lot they can build off of in the New Ghostbusters... Hopefully they dont stray to much from the original, but yet still make it as grand as say Transformers did with what they had. All in all... I definitely approve of this!


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Known fact for anyone who wants to take another gander:

The movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" uses the same firehouse that was used in the original ghost busters movie, and one of the original actors was in that movie too as the firefighter chief.



The 80's Ghostbusters was a golden classic. These writers should stay true to the previous film and hopefully not make a mess of things.


Better Call Saul
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I'll definitely go and watch this. Growing up this was my favorite cartoon...that and TMNT.