Another Enzo Bites The Dust


Forum Drifter
It seems everyone now who has an Enzo ends up wrecking it. Here's the latest story.

Some more details:
He was going close to 200mph, and hit a bump in the road that sent him airborne. The car rolled 7 times and was flat as a pancake. Fortunetly he was wearing a helmet. He has cracked vertebrae in his neck and back, 4 broken ribs, broken sternum, some broken fingers, and the only surgery he may need is on his thumb. Nothing life threatening.

It was Losee's car. His was the only one in the world with t-tops. Car had over 30,000 miles on it too.


Ms. Malone
Well Enzo's are pretty fast, i've got some stats on it!

I actually heard a rumor that you can't actually buy an Enzo unless Ferrari invite you to by it. But i could be thinking of another car.

It's kind of ugly...i only like it for it's speed, being as fast, if not faster, than an F1. I've just seen it being put to the test,(if it was the Enzo) very fast o.o


Forum Drifter
Enzo's are nice but if I had the money to buy a Ferrari, I would buy the greatest Ferrari ever produced. The F40. *splooge*