Another despicaple sentencing


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How can this happen? This woman who was CONVICTED of drowning 3 kids (2 who appear to be her own based on their last names, maybe all 3) is now out on parole.

She served almost 5 years of a 10 year prison sentence and now she's out on parole. - Illinois Mother Convicted in Drowning Deaths of 3 Children Free on Parole - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Why isn't she in jail for life? Those kids had their lives robbed from them and now she's free to go on with her life.

It appears that she only HELPED drown but didn't actually do the drowning. Her boyfriend did. He is serving a life sentence. I'm not sure how being an accomplice to murder should mean you are off the hook.


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I've said it at least twice before and I'll say it again . .

How much does a single 9mm bullet cost?
Loving the 2 and 3 word replies.

I don't understand how she was only convicted of "child endangerment"
I'm pretty sure she went a step further than that.

Maybe they let her out early in order to make room for the 'real' criminals? You know, the ones who truly deserve to be in jail.
"Child endangerment" implies that you put them at risk but didn't get them killed. This is plain murder and I think it's bullshit to even attempt to give her parole.


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Some people just make me mad. That girl should be in prison forever. She helped in a murder and that is the same as murdering them on your own. Hopefully somebody appeals.