Another Celeb Apologises For Racist Joke


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David Jason apologises for 'joke' - Yahoo! News UK

David Jason (Only Fools and Horses) was a guest on the Christian O'Connell Show on Absolute Radio.

During the Christian O'Connell Show on Absolute Radio, the Only Fools And Horses star was asked to leave a question for the next guest as part of the Who's Calling Christian? feature, in which celebrities try to win money for charity.

The 69-year-old replied: "What do you call a Pakistani cloakroom attendant?" After a pause, he delivered the "punchline": "Me hat, me coat."

No apology was made at the time, but Christian responded to the comment by saying: "No more jokes like that."
Call me racist but i laughed.

Stuff like this is getting ridiculous though; Comedians sometimes make racial jokes and people laugh like it's nothing, but say it on a public radio station and people's heads explode. It's not really fair, other races probably make jokes about us British (and maybe the Americans) just as often as we make jokes about them.
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I'd be lying if I said that I didn't make jokes about the Americans. But that's just it, they're jokes, not racist slander. It's not that I actually think Americans are dumb, I just make jokes about how it looks that way... But yah, I've always been annoyed by this whole political correctness agenda. You know, maybe if the media didn't make such a big deal about it, things like that would slide and not create all this stupid bull doody.


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Oh my god, how insensitive, I have to go home and shower now after hearing such filth.


Can we seriously stop this soft, wishy-washy PC bullshit? I still don't see how people don't notice the segregating effects of being politically correct. Not to mention, do you really want to be correct the way a politician would? Isn't it sort of an oxymoron?
I didn't get the joke at all but the whole ordeal about it was dumb. Of course I've told many a racist joke in my life just to be funny and no one ever gave me a dark look, although that's probably because I've only told them to family and friends.


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''Me hat Me coat''... I don't get it...
Its a play on words: Mahatma being a sub-continent name.

I dont think it is racist, it is not a stereotype or slur in anyway shape or form. It is a bit like the "what do you call a man with a ???? on his head" jokes


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WE ALL at some point make a joke that we might regret. I'm tired of this PC crap and having to apologize for it. If your a celebrity, which just means your making more money than us everyday joes, either start thinking before you speak or deal with the results. After all if you said it than odds are its you true feelings.


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The thing with being overly PC is that sometimes you don't do things because you actually believe it shouldn't be done, but more to protect yourself from people who would get angry with you for not being as pc as themselves.

Celebrities need to please the public, so I figure he felt he had no choice but to apologise. I watch several stand up comedians here and if we have to be strict, they can all be accused of being incorrect if you really want to scrutinize.