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Anonymous' Stratfor hack outs intelligence officials across the world


Free Spirit
Staff member
The hackers responsible for a Christmas Eve attack on consulting firm Stratfor released more information over the weekend, this time divulging email addresses, log-ins and passwords for thousands of affiliated parties. Read More Here
What do you think about these people? Are they a modern day Robin Hood or just common criminals? I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand when they go after the criminal element I cheer them on but when they start revealing information that needs to be kept secret I think what do you think your doing. Do you think they will ever get caught?


Registered Member
This is disgusting. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about them outing criminals - instead, it talks about them outing our service members.

"Hey, as a thank you for risking your lives by serving our country, I'm going to release your personal information to the public! Merry Christmas!"


Son of Liberty
yeah this is far from a Robin Hood esque act.

These guys are just information Terrorists. They're not aiding or helping anyone but their own thirst for power and fear mongering. I agree with Wade, its disgusting.


Registered Member
The only thing these guys are really doing is giving ammunition innumerable to the folks behind notions like SOPA, and making it that much harder to want to protect people's privacy and anonymity on the internet.

Ironically, groups like Anonymous may eventually single-handedly dissolve anonymity on the net.