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Annoying yourself with ringtones


Creeping On You
On my old phone i had a really annoing ring tone. So much so that whenever I got a text, I'd wanna rip my teeth out. I kept it as such becaue I didn'[t wanna miss a text. I'll get around to posting the actual annoying ringtone tomorrow, but I wanna know, what was the most annoying ring tone you ever used?


New Member
There hasn't been a ring tone that I have used that has annoyed me simply because I don't want to be annoyed by it lol. But one of my mates had one that was just a very high pitched ring and it would hurt your ear, I hated when that one went off.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually make a point of not getting annoying ringtones and I can't remember one that I used that I really hated. When I got my new phone a few months ago it didn't come with any decent ones though so I had to buy one right away. I usually keep my phone on vibrate all the time anyway.


Son of Liberty
Green Sleeves.

I dont know why I used to love that polyphonic ringtone so much but for some reason that was the one I'd use with my very first phone. I think the main reason is probably because it was either that or just deal with the Nextel style Beeps. And those may have sucked even worse.


I pick tones that will annoy me especially for my morning alarm so I'd snap awake to get ready for the day.
For calls and messages, I choose discreet tones that I will enjoy to hear.


yellow 4!
I would make a point not to have an annoying ringtone. I don't like answering the damn thing as it is :lol: That's if I actually used them, since my phone is constantly on vibrate.

I set my message tone to the most annoying sound ever once, but that was mostly for the 'benefit' of the people around me.


Ess Tii Eph Yu
The first thing I do when I get a new phone is download awesome ringtones so I've never had the curse of the annoying ringtone. Usually I pick a song that I really like at the time and use that. My text messages I set to one beep and vibrate.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have my phone set on vibrate. I don't remember picking any annoying ringtone. I might get one if I have an annoying person call me - like a special tone for that person, but fortunately, I don't give my numbers to annoying people.


Sally Twit
Any of the ringtones that come with the phone are annoying to me. I prefer to put my own on there.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have a few different ringtones and I have assigned custom ones to some of my friends. I assigned Rick Roll to one guy. One morning while I was still sleeping he called me and basically I got woken up by a Rick Roll. Go figure. I haven't changed it though because I think it's hilarious. :lol: