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Annoying Facebook Friends


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've updated my annoying Facebook friends article for 2015, and upped it to a full 50 friends. Take a look and please share it if you enjoy it. :)


What types of people on Facebook annoy you the most?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Cards are nice once in a while but if they sent them all the time I would get tired of it. Especially cards that give you advice on how to live your life or tell you what your doing wrong

If they were sending me pictures of their toast I might have to send them a picture of my horse taking a poop. Wouldn't want waste my time looking at every little detail of their day whether it be their food or a trip made on a bus. Unless its something like a food fight taking place, that I would love to see.

I have nothing against children, I'm sure you are proud of them as you should be, think they are the most beautiful kid on the planet but I don't want to see pictures of your kids all the time. I always hated having to look at pictures of the kids.


Registered Member
The ones annoying the most are those adding you to a secret Facebook group that you have no interest whatsoever. If I wanted to join your group, I would've done it myself, so stop doing that, please.