Anitaknapp, Bliss, Sui(banhammerman) and Ysabel

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    I recorded songs about you guys, and apparently you missed the last thread I made, so here's another one for you guys
    He's the ban hammer man, oh maaaannnn
    He's gonna ban your fucking ass like the mother fucking man.
    HE's the ban hammer mannn oh mannnn
    If he sees you doing wrong, mighy ban hammer swing

    Who makes all the girls squeal
    with his giant sword of steel
    who has balls made out of gold
    for him teh gals will always fold

    Hes a man that will go down into history
    he's the man that'll tell you just where to fucking go
    and when he comes around you better straighten right up
    or you're gonna lose your ass, mighty ban hammer swing


    he's prowling the forum, right now
    he's searching for your ass your mother fucking spamming ass
    oh look out he found you now
    oh here comes the hammer, see you fly into the sky

    you better watch out, watch your back
    better walk a straight line or you'll never walk again
    oh here he comes oh noooo
    he saw you post that linke, mighty ban hammer swinggg


    the forum was a flooded with the posts of many noobs
    and the flaming was burning down the threads of new and old
    the baiting was atrocious, falling hook line and sinker
    and then on the horizon came the man, he came a swinginggg

    chorusx3 (second time, change up the chords, play the chorus 3rd time like that too)
    lets travel round the world
    to the other side of earth
    lets hop on a plane
    and go there right now

    to that place with a tower
    that is quite eiffel, not awful
    and find ourselves a forum chick
    who is named ysabelllll


    ysabel, ysabel
    Is a bell ringing out for her
    ysabel, ysabel
    yes a bell rings out for her.

    all hail the posting queen
    all hail the woman who's made the most posts
    she arrived on the forum a storm in her wake
    a storm of posts, a storm of threads

    dripping with awesome, dripping with cool
    she made her way to the top of the line
    now she rules the forum with an iron fist
    even hybrix pays hommage to this gallll
    deep in the forest where the fog lasts forever
    where the birds and bees never dare to venture
    there is an old oak tree carved out to be a home
    and in it lives a creature to horrid to behold

    just who this creature is not a soul can say
    for none have seen her face by the light of the day
    cause when you come around and try to look at her
    her fierce demeanour never fails to deter

    She loves to fuck your mother each and every single day
    You'd better hide your dog when she comes to say g'day
    don't you dare make her angry or she'll punch you in the face
    Or do any manner of thing, but always to your face

    Her name is Bliss and doesn't take no guff
    Whatever you say to her, she'll just say "no u"
    Blisscakes, whore, she goes by a number of names
    No matter what you call her, she cannot be tamed

    one day I seen a squirrel venture into her home
    and the very next day, she had a new door knocker
    when the rain starts to fall, it makes her angry
    and so cloud takes a fist, and the sky dries up

    lightening from her eyes, and fists made out of iron
    she's the terror of the forest, should you ever cross her path
    just remember one thing, and you just might see tomorrow
    you'd better hold still cause she only sees movement
    in the dark of the night
    there is one thing to fear
    fear the mighty woman
    shes full of piss and vinegarrrr

    don't fucking mess with her
    she's like a rabid fucking dog
    better fucking watch it bitch
    cause she will step all over youuu


    she'll punch you in the throat
    bitch, she will cut you
    she entered this world with a knife in her hand
    she came out of the womb and her hand formed a fist
    she'll come for you if you make a bad joke
    she'll come for you while you're sleeping
    anitaknapp, anitaknapp
    she'll punch you in the throat bitch, then cut you


    i seen a woman once
    try to knock her down
    holy fuck, that was a mistake
    she was like a fucking brick wall

    tough as nails, tough as iron
    she knocked down the berlin wall
    get in her way, she'll smash ya down
    she's a steamroller of hate and sarcasm

    And finally, as a surprise. I was rummaging in my papers, and found the VERY FIRST set of lyrics i ever wrote back in grade 10. It's called Migrating Lightbulbs. I put some chords to it and recorded it just for nostalgia purposes. Join me in nostalgiating.
    Migrating Lightbulbs
    (C G D G)
    Early saturday morning
    the sun is just starting to rise
    you open up your door and step out
    up above much to your surprise

    up up in the deep blue sky
    its enough to make you gawk
    flying in a v straight south
    flying lightbulbs in a flock

    chorus (Em C G D)
    Migrating lightbulbs
    they are heading south
    right past a great big
    open gawking mouth

    right down south through kentucky
    and further down into texas
    nothing can stop these lightbulbs
    not even curses or hexes

    president of the USA
    ordered them to be shot down
    but each lightbulb dodged each bullet
    made the president look like a big clown


    the lightbulbs made it to mexico
    the spanish people were in great awe
    lost one lightbulb in the due course
    a crash course with a giant mccaw

    shining brightly in the dark sky
    south these lightbulb making their way
    chile is a great great place
    too bad these lightbulbs just cannot stay


    antarctic is a cold cold place
    these lightbulbs they met many penguins
    racing down the cold slopes of snow
    the lightbulbs they gain so many wins

    swimming in the waters so frigid
    the lightbulbs they were soon to short out
    never again to return up north
    thus ending their migrating bout
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