Animes your looking forward to?


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Well the new season of anime is around the corner. I was wondering if there were any titles you thought were interesting. Also any titles that you would like to see a sequel too that have not officially been announced but just rumored.

Right now:

The new gundam that comes out in october. I just got into the franchise and Im hoping it can top or match seed and destiny.

The second season of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimaya. I hope its 24-26 episodes although unlikely...

A third season of FMP! (although unlikely this year) they have alot of story to tell and its a great franchise

3rd season of School Rumble. Even though i thought the first season was better I still thoroughly enjoyed the second season. I head the manga picks up a bit.

The new Evangelion movie. Its nice to see Anno making this movie after so long and the series being so popular.


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Right Now:

Heroic Age: It looks good, the mech look really cool. I'm excited to see if this series is any good.

The new Evangelion movie. Ya I wanna see it too lol.

New Gundam series: I've seen some pics somewhere it looks pretty good and it's gundam.