Anime's that had alot of potential...but...


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This thread is about discussing animes that you have seen (or only saw the first few episodes and you dropped) that you thought would be "really good" and ended up mediocre or terrible. Let us know why you thought it took a turn for the worst and what the series did to change your intial opinion.

Usually I find as I continue watching a series I get more intrigued and the series get's better as it goes. Very few times does it get worse or not meet my expectations once I get a feel for the show.

Well two animes I'll list were Black Cat and Darker than Black (is it coincidence both have Black in their titles?)

Black Cat's first 5 or so episodes were fantastic. I thought this anime had huge potential and would be one of my favorite series. It had one of the best launch episode I had seen for an anime in a while. But then once I saw more o fthe series and was hitting the double digits witht he episode count I found I was grossly mistaken. The series that I thought was going to be a bit darker turned a bit light-hearted. I thought with the heroe's love getting murdered and his abandonment of Chronos it would be a series of revenge and death. Instead it turned into a group of misfits getting together and picking up odd jobs. Dont even let me tell you how TERRIBLE the last couple episodes were.

The other anime Darker than Black I hadnt even finished. It got liscensed when I was watching the series and consequently dropped by most fansubbers. However, the first few episodes carried an air of mystery to them. This series was build on mystery and intrigue and I thought that it would slowly unveil it's secrets. Well after about 10+ episodes it was apparent they weren't going to explain much about what happened to the world, what contractors were and where our protagonist came from. Also they were killing off EVERY NEW CHARACTER THAT WAS INTRODUCED. This was a major turn off. It seemed apparant that our hero was doomed to continue his tasks with a temporary sidekick until they were killed. Many not lasting more than a couple episodes. I will probably give this series another go with the dub but it just seem to evolve much from the intial episodes...They were following the same pattern over and over.

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Well while I did find many animes that did this, I don't have the time to talk about them all.
The main one is called Wolf's Rain.
It seemed very interesting in the beginning, one of the only animes I had seen revolving around wolves, good style too. But around the 10th episode it started to let me down, so many character cliches, and annoying plot changes started to happen that I lost all hope by the 16th episode, and I dropped the series.


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Trinity Blood: First episode was fantastic the other 23 sucked. It was the same thing in every episode, Abel: 60% thrash everything, episode over. I won't even get into how stupid the ending was. And one of the most annoying characters of all time "Esther" she was a useless character and her whining was unbelievable.

Note: Abel is the main character.


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Wolf's Rain didn't end too bad actually, but there could have been more to it; apparently there were some budget problems or something during the making which is why they had those four or five overveiw episodes.

Naruto. I liked the idea of a demon being inside a little kid and therefore the kid is shunned, it had great potential for character development, but eventually that seems to fade out and everyone accepted Naruto too quickly; plus the fights lasted forever! It was worse that DBZ back in the day!

Angel Sanctuary. There was something about it that caught my eye...probably the potential incest XD, plust he fact the main character is the re-incarnation of a rebelious angel; it only had 2 OVA eps ><


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Black Cat- As big of a fan as I am of black cat I feel that it could have been sooo much better than it was if it was more like the manga

Trinity Blood- good until the end where I was left asking myself wtf its over?
Dragon Half was REALLY great ,funny,random and it only had two episodes ):
Yeah, Dragon Half is really good. It's a shame they didn't make the other two episodes they had planned.

Twelve Kingdoms - I love this series enough that it's on my top 10 of anime, but what I don't like is how they never finished it. It's currently only like, 2/3 as long as it was supposed to be |:<


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Serial Experiment Lain- cool premise and it is suitably creepy, but it really moves far too slowly for me. Also, it's incredibly depressing, far more than could ever be appreciated.


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I personally think that the epitome of an anime that failed to deliver would be Trinity Blood. With all the hype and the pretty art, I was fairly devastated by the over the to dialog and the unoriginal art angles. Furthermore: you have a plot idea involving vampires, and a futuristic society--it's the best setup sing Hellsing!

While the actual storyline--vampiric virus, war between humans and humanoid species, super-hyped up Vatican, invited a lot of cool scenes, I think the anime died when it couldn't decide between a deep, meaningful moral message, and just plain Blood+ gore.


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Did anyone ever see Gantz? I think they only had like.. four episodes at the most? I dunno, I saw the first two and it looked kinda' cool to me but I never heard anything about it after that... I feel bad about some anime that overshot their potential though... Pokemon is dead to me. v.v;