anime sig


Undead Intellectual
Here's another one of my new sigs. I made it for Meko, but if anyone else wants it, I can change the name. Let me know if you like it, if you hate it, what I can do to make it better. Rep me if you like it!



No Custom Title Exists
That looks nice. But the only thing I don't like is the font.

Is it just me or is that sig kinda blurry?


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Brush strokes with blur with some tries at trying to make a light source.....I'm liking it already Nos^^

But now, where is the border?! Tsk Tsk, you can't have a sig without a border to hide the cut-off;) Your blending skills are getting better but your still alittle off when it comes to blending the main focal point with the bg, looks like you just slapped her on there even though you blurred it seems.

Here's a tip though, when making a light source make sure that you put the light in sync with the direction it seems to be coming off of the character. In your case the light was coming from above her head when she was cut out.

Everything else is good, loving the bg effect, simple yet elegant. But I'm like Alex though...get a better font to use an not just be stuck on one. You could always make it font less but make a little spot in the corner to put your name so noone can steal it.

Oh I hope Himie is gonna love this sig, it's looks nice^^