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Anime of the Forgotten Past.



The great pasts anime of their time. The Animes that we all remember but have now per say, forgotten and rarely bring up.

Outlaw star. One of my personal Favorites. Who couldn;t love Gene starwinds and the ingenious caster shells?
Zoids - who can forget it's awesome first season? Total ownage.
Sailor moon? - yeah. i remember watching this as a kid. Psh, it was still awesome.

I won't name any more, as i want you all to start posting about the past animes and how cool they are ^^


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Ya outlaw star was pimp lol. I really liked Zoids to I remember getting up everyday waiting for it to come on. Sailor Moon is something I would like to not think about.

Guyver-Not many people have heard of it but was an awesome anime.(Can't wait till japan starts showing new ones).


is totoro counted as anime? if it is, it would one of my personal favorites. i used to watch it when i was little. the totoros are soo CUTE!! it also lets your imagination run wild. i love it!


haha i could never forget outlaw star, i downloaded it all over again last month to refresh my memory

zoids was great too, i loved Chaotic Century, such a great series


past anime that i love...hmm...

- here is greenwood
- 3x3 eyes
- boah
- zenki
- black jack ova's
- irresponsible captain tylor
- iria zeriam project
- hakkenden
- ranma 1/2

The Realist

I know Guyver is one anime my friend keeps talking to me about. Its his favorite from the past. But I heard Guyver is coming back with a new series so I will have to check.
Ranma 1/2 is old and Astro Boy is older. The Anime was nicely done. Oh, who can forget Transformers? <_<


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Yes there is and your friend is a smart man lol. They stopped on episode 26 I think. But that's because the season is over.

The Realist

Thanx and I'm sure he will be happy to hear that. I wouldn't say he's smart but, he can sure fool us in the worst possible way. Has anyone else heard the news of Guyver returning? I read it in a past NewType Magazine and I swore it had the title and the artwork changed.


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Old anime I love

Orguss (not Orguss 2, the original version)

Cybersix was awesome, but I haven't seen it in over five years, and Orguss is so old the license has expired