Anime Marathon Game!


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Ok lets see who watches the most consecutive anime episodes in one sitting! Lets see how hardcore we get!

Post the anime you watched the number of episodes and the episode #'s.

Example: Elfen Lied 3 episodes, #4-6.

You can only post if your episode count if it is equal or higher than the previous person's.

So it doesnt count if someone posts they watched 3 episodes if the last person posted 4.

THIS BEGINS NOW AND IS NOT RETROACTIVE. If you did this last week or last year it doesnt count.

We will end the counter on DEC 14th, 2007. I wonder how many we can get in a row and the amount of anime.


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zOMG...I thought it would go from 3 to 5 to 6 etc... lol.

Guess I am going to have to crank out a series.


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lol umm I did DBZ 1-39 I got the boxed set and well sat in my room for like 20 hours and watched it..... I am so freakin ashamed... I stopped once to throw food in the oven and then went back to watching while it cooked.... and of course bathroom breaks