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Anime is plural people!


Does it drive anyone else crazy when they see people type or say "animes". It really annoys me when I see this (and yes, I have seen it in this forum a few times).

Anime is a japanese word and there are no difference in singular or plural in the Japanese language, therefore this word stays the same for singular and plural. It also just looks really wrong when someone types animes. It's like rice or sheep, we don't say 'rices' and 'sheeps' because it just looks terrible, as does 'animes'.

So does this get on anyone else's nerves as well sometimes or am I just too nitpicky?


Ms. Malone
I say 'sheeps', but that's cause i'm daft :lol:

I don't think i've noticed, to be honest, but i suppose if i did it might annoy me a little.


Registered Member
I only add 's' to the end of words to be dumb but yeah when people think its actually typed that way it makes my eye twitch XD but I dunno if it annoys me too bad. I suck as grammar/spelling and so much more as well so I really have to reason speak! XD haha I suck

it's kind of like when parents or adults used to call poke'mon- Pokee Man XD I lol every time I think about it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Pokemons are indeed pokemen! :p

Seriously now, even if I haven't used "animes" I was conscious of it because it's sort of a pet peeve of one of my friends. He hates it when he sees someone say animes. Since he talked about it, I was careful not to make that mistake. :lol:


Ms. Malone

Lol, anyway, if i ever have said 'Animes' i'd mean 'Anime's' as in: the Anime's over there by the Asian Cinema section. :lol:


Registered Member
Some people are stupid. It's a fact of life.


Creeping On You
I imagine that it's less stupidity, and more just people thinking that they are funny. Some people think that it's cute to say things in a wierd way.