anime? i don't get it


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ok, I keep seeing the adds for manga and gaia and some other names that I am sure that I am mispronouncing, so i have questions.

I see that a lot of gf'rs with anime or what have you as their avy's or sig's.

What's the big deal? They all look the same to me. They all seem to have big eyes and spikey hair. And most of the females portrayed in the stories seem like slts. Is it the way they're drawn that amazes you, the stories, what is it? I don't have a direct interest in it, although I thought if I understood why everyone else liked it maybe i would.


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Alot of it is the art. they're drawn a lot more realistically than our cartoons. And theres a hell of alot more detailed as well. the other big part is that unlike most cartoons in the us, which are made for little kids. a lot of manga and anime is intended for teens and adults. so basically there really serious intelligent shows, in cartoon form.


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Alot of it is the art. they're drawn a lot more realistically than our cartoons.

Anime art? Realistic? What?! xDDDD LOL

The art is more appealing to some I think. A lot of people like the eyes because of the detail and emotion expressed in them.

I'm not into anime as much as I used to be, but a lot of anime does have very interesting and deep stories. I mean we have a wide variety of movie categories, and so does anime. Also, voice actors in Japan are bigger celebrities than American voice actors. There is a lot more talent behind voice acting in Japan. For one thing, with American cartoons they build the character around the voice actor (ever notice how sometimes the cartoon character looks a lot like the person doing their voice?). In Japan, they develop the character first and then find the person that fits that character. They give a lot of emotion and depth to the voice acting and characters, and it draws you in, almost like some live action movies can.

Now, not all anime is like this, obviously. There are some really stupid and pointless anime, just like there are with American cartoons. And some anime is intended for kids, while others are intended for older teens or adults. And yes, there is even anime porn (hentai). But there are anime for all kinds of categories; action, fantasy/adventure, horror, sci-fi, comedy, romance, drama, etc. etc. But anime definitely isn't for everyone. Some people do find it irritating. *shrug* But don't worry about it, if you don't like it or it doesn't peak your interest, it happens. Don't try to "understand" it. It all comes down to a matter of taste, just like everything else.


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Japanese animation is just so radically different than American animation that it draws a large following. Anime functions mostly on gross exaggerations whether it's emotions, weapons, gestures, locations, etc. whereas American animation tends to be just plain whacky or dramatic.


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Not all anime are like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z. I really don't understand why people think all anime is like that. There are even "popular" animes that air on Adult Swim like Death Note that are vastly different from the anime with a kid with spikey hair.
My statement for this is anime is a medium. It doesn't define story or any other content beyond how it's delivered. Most popular series show on tv are shonen, or boy's shows. They're generally targeted in the 6 to 13 years old demographic.

But being a medium, as a whole, calling anime childish is like calling live action movies mature. Some fit the description fine, but there are plenty examples that don't.

Same applies to the, "all anime characters are big eyed and spikey haired" statement. Anime is nothing more than cartoons from japan, that can mean anything from Dragonball z and yugioh, to Millenium Actress, or Monster. Here're some examples of the latter:

All are anime, but the styles are drastically different the first two, and the latter. As well as the content contained in them.
Basically, you're probably just getting exposed to the part of anime, that's made for little boys, but there's a lot more out there.

I personally tend to enjoy anime for a few main reasons, 1, the stories generally have a point beyond being sitcoms. Unlike a lot of American tv, most anime stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Also, I feel anime, or rather, cartoons as a whole, are a more versatile medium than live action. Thirdly, I am able to maintain a suspension of disbelief in anime. That's what get some people who don't like cartoons. They can't forget that it's not real. Also, back to that versaitlity point, I know of anime that fit almost any mood I'm in for most situations. I've seen serious shows that take place almost entirely in a single bar, Action filled series where the focus is pretty visuals, over the top fights, story, or just about anything else. I've seen seemingly random series that show surprising depth when you look closer, Romances with happy endings, stories that made me cry, both from laughter, and from empathy with the character's plight. I've seen shows where the protagonist is a hero, a villain, or even just a normal person. I could go on for much longer, but I hope you get the point.

To sum it all up, I like anime because it's fun for me to watch. I watch it more than anything else, because I get more from anime than other mediums.
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