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Animals draft - sign up?


Registered Member
Drafts are all the rage
How about an animals draft...

Listing the coolest animals on the planet - those with amazing skills, or those that are beautiful or just generally cool and awesome...

Sign up and join the draft, at least 8 would be nice-
Nothing convoluted, we make the lists and then we'll see who has the best knowledge and preference of animals by vote -

--- general rules:
1. Animal species can be anything, you could pick ten different snakes if you so wished - you can have marine life, insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals anything that is alive basically, nothing extinct please -
2. The draft will be snake style, ha - it's gotta be ain't it really?
3. You gotta make sure your pick is in within 24 hours of pick taken before your go and what have you - snake - PMing is a must, let folks know its there go, or let me know and I'll let them know
4. snake

That's it - is this a stupid plan, or do you wanna have a snake at this? Let me know and we shall start when enough people are up for it...

Cheers :)

Oh and P.S
When PMing others for their go etc... Don't put 'Draft' instead you put 'Giraffe' -- as in your go in the 'giraffe' - It's more animally

and humans cannot be chosen, good call Dave :)

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I'm serious
:lol: I'll definitely have a go at this giraffe. Sounds like fun. Put me down as a definite.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
LOL at, "its more animaly." That was awesome.

I am sad I cannot pick extinct animals but I'll throw my name in the hat anyways.


Sally Twit
I have limited knowledge, but I will go with what makes me say, "Awww!"

Put my name down, kiddo.


Well-Known Member
HES! This is an amazing idea.

Sign me up for sure. This one sounds like fun.

I vote that picking humans is off limits by the way.


Registered Member
Seven are in, good show thus far -
Come on, you know you wanna play this giraffe -
Anyone can join... play - play - play - you will play -
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I almost didn't want to do this but I have to. It might be the silliest, most fun draft we've had.


Registered Member
Final call for this giraffe -
Seven so far, one more would be great, but I think seven is happily doable -
If you want in let us know, I'll start this tomorrow night some time, perhaps Weds morning - UK time --
The coolest animals shall prevail