Angry video game nerd

did anyone ever watched some of the angry video game nerd movies?

well i funny :lol::lol::lol:


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Are you talking about the kid who is yelling at his mom to bring him some milk while he plays Rainbow Six 3? If so then yes.. That kid had/has issues.


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He was, then he moved over to Screwattack.

As for what he is, The Angry Video Game Nerd is a character who takes old games and complains about what sucked about them. James Rolf, the guy who plays the Nerd, does it all for entertainment though, and actually enjoys a number of the games he 'reviews'.

Also, Hybrix, you're thinking of the Chocolate Milk Kid.


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Oh, I'm thinking of someone else too then. Who's the guy that goes insane and trashes his comp because he can't play a game?

I think I've seen one ep of Angry Video Nerd, but I've forgotten it. >.>