Angles and Demons

Discussion in 'Books & Comics' started by Shwa, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Shwa

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    I just wanted to know if anyone else has read this book, the prequal to Dan Brown's Devinci Code. Staring the hero Robert Langdon again, he is called upon to solve a mysterious murder that links all the way to the Pope himself. But who is the culprit? Why is there such a secret around the Vatican that bishops end up dead by a madman.

    That's all I give out, but has anyone else read this book? I thought it was kind of slow in the beginning but gets more exciting later on. I had to call my friend when a major twist happened.....but the he hung up on me:lol:


  2. Jeanie

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    I read it. I thought it was pretty preposterous.
  3. Corona

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    I read it, it was pretty out there, but an interesting read.
  4. Jeanie

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    wait, I'm sorry, I read Angels and Demons, not Angles and Demons


  5. I think that Brown is disingenuous.

    that part where Langdon uses a scrap of cloth after falling from a helocopter at, what? 10,000 feet was incredibly stupid.

    I think that the ideas of anti-matter could have been developed better.
  6. AteoFou

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    Brown is a hit or a miss kind of writing. Most of his books are exactly the same and once you have read one or two, you are basically going to be able to pick out the antagonist each time.

    That said, I love reading his books and Angels and Demons is my favorite.
  7. Sexxitant

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    I read Angels and Demons and I find it better than the Da Vinci Code

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