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Anger, Sickness and Boredome OH MY!


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Anger/Boredome Part 1:
If you remember, I was haveing problems with my GC before I went on vacation, I had gotten it back in working order (or so I thought) but when I came back from vacation, I have only gotten it to work once... of course right after I FINALLY get Midways Arcade Treasures and Star Wars Bounty Hunter... Needless to say, Im thinking of getting Metroid Prime Bundle as a replacement... I already have MP, but I can always sell it on eBay.

Anger Part 2:
10 days ago I got a notice saying my Health Insurance was being canceled because I hadnt been working enough hours a week! (this is part of the fucked up deal that the union made with Albertsons to get the employees back to work in California) The required hours you have to work now is 30 up from 20! and of course I had been working 28-29.5 hours a week on a schedule that is written by a COMPUTER. well now im elegable for COBRA insurance but at a cost of over $400 dollars a month for me and my 2 kids... I dont think so, hell its just $350 for myself...
Now to get my health insurance reinstated, I have to work 30 or more hours for 5 straight weeks. The day I recieved the notice I was working on my 5th week of 30 straight hours, but yet my insurance was still canceled... im on my 6th straight week of 30+ hours and already have next weeks schedule which will make it the 7th straight week... needless to say I dont have a damn clue if I even have health insurance right now which sucks because

The Sickness:
Once again, I have a sinus infection... great, which Im trying to fight without the help of antibiotics because I dont have a clue if I have insurance :(
So Im takeing sinus medication, keeping myself well hydrated, and trying my best just to relax, it isnt easy when your head throbs when you lay down!
Hopefully (knocks on wood, crosses fingers, rubs rabbit foot) I wont end up with a upper respritory infection, which usually happens when I get a sinus infection :(
It all just leads to more anger and stress which isnt helping my health any

Im friggin bored... hence the long topic...
I dont have a GC to play, which makes me want to cry
I have all my classic's, but you can only play so much of them in a three weeks, SPECIALLY if you have 2 brand new games waiting to be played!

To try and fight the boredom, and try to make a few extra bucks, I have been "Savers" and "Goodwill" hunting. Looking for classic toys/systems that I could add to my collection or clean up and sell... I found a Dreamcast... though I dont have any cords for it or know if it works, brought it to a gamestore where a guy tried to test it, but I dont think he had a clue what he was doing, as he left a copy of THPS2 in the system. I ordered one off of EBGames for a total of $18.30 and ill use the cords from that one to test the other one myself, and probably sell it on ebay
I also have a Genesis, but dont know if it works as I cant find a freaking AV cable for it... of course there's ebay, which is the only place ive seen them, it'd be about 12 dollars for the cable, which is as much as I paid for the system with the power cord and 2 controllers...
I now have 3 extra NES systems, all they need are new 72 Pin connectors
One extra SNES in working order
Two extra N64's complete just missing jumper pak's


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While this probably isn't the problem, but a few weeks ago, my nephew's GameCube system wouldn't turn on. We found out it was his Madcat controller he just bought a month or so a go. So I would suggest trying to turn it on without any controllers in; just in case its the same problem.


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no, it just stopped reading disks...

I got a new GC from my Mom for my b-day... its one of the newer model's, the DOL-101 (orinigal GC's are DOL-001)

The newer models are a little different... There is a port missing on the back, and the lid pops up faster and buttons (power/reset/eject) are tighter...

On a disturbing note, current Action Replay/Freeloader disks do not work on DOL-101 systems, meaning if you just bought a newer model GC you have to send in the AR/Freeloader disk in with a reciept showing that you purchased a AR in the last 90 days or just recently purchaced a new GC... a major pain in the ass if you ask me (AR= Action Replay... AR Disks have Freeloader built in, but Freeloader is sold seperatly)

A little glitch...

A few days before I got my new GC, I started playing F-Zero X on the 64. Which after I got my new GC got me playing F-Zero GX again on the 'Cube.
Ive been playing alot of both titles, haveing a blast... but 2 days ago while playing GX for a little less than 2 hours, the sound went out??!!?!? I switched cords to see if the cord had went out, but that wasnt it... I didnt get sound back until I turned the system off and back on again

Needless to say Ive taken care of my boredom problem, sad thing is Im still sick as hell