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Yes my friend it's your turn to be under the microscope. Good luck.

-Who do you think is the best hockey player of all time and why?

-What are your plans after high school?

-Be honest who are better fans Habs fans or Leafs fans? Don't be bias.


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First off thank you very much. Tis an honor.

- The best player of all time despite what a lot of people say was Gordie Howe. I mean Gretzky was great and he is basically the face of hockey for sure but Gordie Howe IMO did more with limited resources around him , He turned the game into a fast paced , Hard hitting game where you could not put your head down. Ever hear of the Gordie Howe hatrick? Thats one of the many good things brought along by Howe.

-After high school seems so far away but im looking possibly into coaching of some sort for some franchise of hockey. I mean its what I love , hockey is my life and if I could get into a pro game it would be amazing. Either that or look into teaching english or PE or even being a social worked of some kind seems interesting.

-MJ to be honest there are no better fans then the fans of the Habs as well as the fans of the Leafs. I can't choose , I really can't and that is coming as my pure honesty. Both sets of fans have seen a lot from both teams but they are the most loyal fans out there. It don't matter if the team is winning or losing fans always show up and cheer for both teams and its because of this that I can not choose.

-Salmon is a fish. If I had to choose otherwise Newfoundlanders everywhere would be like what the hell. I guess being from the bay fish and sports is basically all we know about.


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Chances are I can't get it around here if I tried. Im in a very secluted area outside a town so we really don't have a lot of normal things that seem basic for some of your stores and such. Were lucky to have pepsi and coke.
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