Andrew is at it again.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think it'll top the 40,000 one he had last year, but jesus, it's still awesome.


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If I had a dollar for everytime I heard, "You know the forehead guy?," I'd have more money than Andrew.


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Pianobone? Aren't you that guy who got lucky and beat me in that round of GoldenEye? :lol:

And does this mean Andrew will meet Flava Flav again? :lol:


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Andrew, is this true? Did you actually meet this "Flava Flav"?

And if this is, can you please do me a huge flavor-I mean- FAVOR (can't believe I made that typo.... I also can't believe I don't just use the "delete" key :D ) and tell me just who the F%&# this guy is? Really I want to know. That stupid "Flava of Love" reality TV show is the big pile of crap that comes on after my Celebrity Fit Club 3, and I still can't figure out (1) who the hell this strange guy is, and (2) why the F$&% this guy has a freaking reality TV show just to get a woman. Seriously, this has been bugging the shit out of me.

And RarePDip, if you know what the deal is with him and that show (in the event Andrew doesn't), I'd like to know too.