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Andrew..can you make us a "live" chitty chat?


Registered Member
I really enjoy coming in here, seeing all the posts and leaving a few. What if we had a room where we could live chit chat with one another? or is there and I missed it? :cool:


Registered Member
hey that would be great please let me know when it up and going.


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that would be awsome!!! How nice it would be just to chat without cluttering up the boards


Wanna play?
As if I don't spend enough of my workday here already! :D


Registered Member
Wow! Andrew, sorry but it looks as though the people have spoken... I hope you can pawn off the task to someone who isn't as busy as we all know you are. I can't wait to be able to chitty chat with some of you! :D


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While I also like the idea of haveing a little chat thingy going, right at this moment it might take away from the forums. I would be more comfortable if we did it later when we have more than only a handful of members on at any given time.


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Gnopostopi said:
I like the idea, but I think we should hold off, for just a little while longer.

For what it's worth I agree....and for the reasons Tater stated. It's so new here yet.