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Andrew Bynum signs with the Pacers


New Member
Indiana Pacers just got way tougher. Andrew Bynum has decided to sign with them for the rest of the season on what appears to be a $1 mil contract. Indiana tried to downplay the signing as decoy to Miami's need of a big men, but either way this move provides more depth to an already stacked Indiana team. Off the bench, they have Scola and Mahimi, who are both big physical guys. Add in Bynum now and this teams just gotten way bigger. And the fact of the matter is, if Hibbert does get into foul trouble, they have a legit backup who can provide a solid run. Overall, a great signing. What do you guys think about they championship chances now?


Registered Member
Heat/Pacers were always ahead of every other team in the league. This move now creates a bit of space between Indy and Miami. Still, it's going to come down to Miami's health & Indy's philosophy. Paul George's emergence as a star might seem good on paper, but Indy has in a way disabled their biggest strength the last few years which was their post game. It's not a switch you can turn on and off whenever. Indy will have to use West/Hibbert/Bynum MORE and not be so dependent on George putting up 25 points a night, otherwise they'll be neutralizing their own strength and giving Miami life


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If Bynum can stay healthy will be a huge factor in this trade being worth it for Indy, not to mention him keeping his attitude in check. But hey maybe it'll be good for the Pacers, and their championship chances didn't take a hit, unless again this trade doesn't work out
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