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Wii And The Controller Knock Offs Have Begun..


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Well, doesnt take long before someone tries to immitate a hot item such as the Nintendo Revolution controller.
From http://www.joystiq.com/2006/01/07/ces-mop-up-splitfish-beats-nintendo-to-the-punch/
Ever since we caught wind of SplitFish's Revolution knock-off, the DualFX Controller, we've been dying to get a hands-on look. We finally located the tiny booth, headed by a pair of endearing middle-aged Edmonton men, one of which had trouble opening up the PS2 unit when we requested he swap games. They've tested their products, right?

We actually liked the idea of splitting the controller down the axis, at least in theory. The laser guidance system used to control right analogue movement was indeed "very inconsistent," and we ended up using the right analogue stick instead. Lose the laser, relocate some of the buttons, paint it black, and SplitFish has got themselves a nifty 3rd party controller--that won't cost $59.95.

Click the link and you can see the picture. Pretty much its a crappy knock off with laser motion in one hand and analog(knun chuck) in the other hand. But its crap :p Funny that the revolution isnt even out yet, I can start to understand why Nintendo kept their lips sealed for so long.


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Dangit, I hate those rip-off things. Good thing it's crap, or Nintendo would have trouble. I'm thinking the Revolution will be the only console able to pull anything off like it for a while, though, considering the console was made with that controller in mind.


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to be honest, i dont like the revolution's controller anyway. its just another way to break the tv by swingin these things around and it slipping out of ur hand and into the TV. its a clever idea, yes. but the way they go about it is stupid. the two "sticks" are connected by this little cord thing. the cord should be longer for the kinds of things they want ppl to be able to do with them.


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Knock offs always break...
I want to do some research and see what exactly they do for the gaming industry. Probably just make it mad :lol:


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Staff member
A friend of mine bought some "Sony PlayStation 2" controllers off of eBay a few years ago. When he got them they looked just like real PS2 controllers, but with a closer look, and after playing with them a few games, we soon found out that they were not only knock-offs, but were made with cheap parts. They had fake Sony logos on them and everything.

Needless to say we never used those again. :) I have used knock-offs that were good though, such as many of MadCatz variations, especially the original XBOX MadCatz. They came out well before the "S" and were a very nice alternative to the HUGE US controllers that were shipped with US XBOX's by default. :)


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The MatCatz MicroCon Wireless is by far my favorite controller ever, especially the X-Box version.


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every knock-off controller i've bought is CRAP! they've all broken after like the first couple months and one just broke the next week! even an expensive wireless one had something wrong with the anolog stick so ur guy would always go left nomatter what you did. from then on i only bought quality names like sony. :nod: