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And so it begins....


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well the new X-Box is out and the stupidity begins....Come on now people why pay 1,000 or more for the system when you can wait...
If you are buying this for your kids and you pay more than the initial retail cost then you are a fool and your kid is a spoiled bratt.....
There is no reason why people should go nuts and try to be the first one with the system...Think back to last year..PSP need I say more..
And to all those who are jacking up the cost and reselling them SHAME ON YOU!
Because of your greed others will have to go without!!!!!!!


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Well I am one of those people reselling one, but if I wasn't I would be playing it myself, and somebody would still go without. I just figure I can wait simply because I can make money with it. If I wasn't going to make money with it, I'd open it and play it right now. I won't do that though, because there are people that will pay a pretty penny for one. I wouldn't personally pay more than retail, but I don't have a problem waiting to play until later if it means selling the one I got right now for a good profit.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I don't mean to sound like I'm picking on only you..I am just fed up with all those people who got 2,3,4,or more systems and are rapeing the genral public for them..
There is sevral people who have them for sale on eBay and a few who have more than 10 for sale..How in the hell did they get 10? That's not right...
I think it's a big marketing scam anyways....
For those who pay more than retail You Are All FOOLS!!!!!!!
I wonder if they realise that the money 1,000 to 2,000 is their entire months wages..For what a game system? They still have to get the games and now they have a system but no games...Oh yeah and no cash too..:lol:


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Waiting for the new playstation myself :D But I agree.....same w/concert tickets!


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Andrew, I posted in my livejournal about the xbox... I did quote you. While I am not angry specifically with you, I am upset about the prices that they are going up to.

anyone wanting to read my rant... http://www.livejournal.com/~ferngullymom

I just dont understand the insanity. I did purchase a GBA SP bundle today. I did OVERSPEND TODAY! So I put the one GBA (that was not sold out at any of the stores here, amazingly) on eBay. I do not want to rake in the money from it. But I did wake my butt up at 4am to go get the things I wanted. The GBA was not a must have for me. When Ir ealized I overspent, I said HEY I'll just put this one thing on eBay, make my money back and thats that. I didn't buy 4 of them to make profit. I didnt buy any of them to make a profit.

YET, one of my first questions on the ad was this... more of a comment than a question:

eBay User-Potential Buyer said:
If you are just trying to get your money back, why are you trying to make a profit. These sold this morning for $68! It's because of GREEDY people like you that I couldn't get my daughter one because they sold out so fast.
I was extremely polite in my reply:
mmkeebler said:
Kateonarock, I added the 9 percent sales tax I had to pay. Technically I even knocked off a few pennies. If you take 68.88 and multiply it by Louisianas VERY HIGH AND OUTRAGEOS 9 percent sales tax, you come out with 75 dollars and change.

I do understand your concern. I wasn't trying to be greedy this morning. My first thought was that my daughter would LOVE THIS, but we just got a gamecube back for my husbands birthday in September. He suggested that we take the Target GBA SP back, and buy the gameboy/gamecube adapter.

I hope you have a good holiday! And if you would like a GBA SP for the 68.88 plus Tax, our Target on Millerville Road did not run out and the sale is also tomorrow.


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Waiting for the new playstation myself :D But I agree.....same w/concert tickets!
waiting for the stones tickets to drop . . .

I remember the long lines for windows 95. I'm not much of a line stander inner. I just don't want anything that bad. There could be a xbox or something in my future. Some of the games look pretty neat < - - - colloquial Wonder if Toys R Us would card me?


Wanna play?
...everyone is welcome to disagree with what I'm about to write, and that is perfectly OK, we all view things differently which is why we can usually find something to discuss!!:D
I, like many-many others braved the cold and madness Friday morning, standing in line for hours in order to catch that ultimate deal. When the doors finally opened (15 minutes early thank you Mr. Manager:nod: ) I along with my fellow bravehearts ran for that item we had all endured the sub-zero temperatures for. Did I take just one and thank my lucky fairy for making this great deal possible? Heck no!! I took two with plans to sell the other on eBay and get my $ back for both. Did I take a toy from some poor childs hands? I certainly don't feel that way, the ad was there for all to see and I got in line WELL before store hours in order to be sure of getting my "prize".
We also bought 2 Xbox's in anticipation of doing the same thing. I'm sorry if this makes anyone angry, but I like to make and save cash whenever possible; we saw an opportunity to do just that and well, that's what we did.


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I don't see anything wrong with purchasing more than one and then selling the extra. As long as there are people out there who will pay more that what retail is, there will be people who are willing to sell at that price.

When people finally get it through their heads that they don't have to pay that much, the notion of buying more than one to sell will disappear. It is called the law of Supply and Demand.


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I fully said that I was jealous of not making the profit on that one. The buyers are responsible for driving the prices so hard and the sellers reap the benefits.

I liked Best Buys Blitz. They had limits :)


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I see nothing wrong with buying them then reselling them at a higher cost. If someone wants one that bad then they should have stood in line for hours for one like everyone else did.
I wouldn't be one to be buying one of the high priced ones being that they will drop in price latter anyway but anyone who thinks their kids just "have" to have one for Christmas.. more power to them to find one cheap enough now....lol
& WTG Andrew! I know you won't have a problem getting rid of them :)