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And a very happy birthday to Gnopostopi!


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Happy Birthday Gnopostopi! I waited to see your name show up at the bottom before making this thread just to be sure I wasn't jumping the gun again. :)

Hope you have something nice planned for your big three oh.

So how does this work exactly.. "Trick or birthday cake?" :D


Wanna play?
Happy birthday Gnopostopi, I'm a little jealous, I would love this birthdate.

Hope it's a great one!


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First off, thank you guys for the nice words.

When I was but a wee lad, I use to go trick or treating with my friends and family.

I swore that everyone was doing this for my birthday alone.

Man what a let down when I grew up.

I laugh about it now.

Well, today, I don't have to much planned.

I am at this moment watching the Halloween Marathan.


Yesterday I ate some bad cheese so I am home from work sick because of that cheese, I am feeling a little better.

Thanks again for the happy birthdays.


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Indeed, happy birthday my friend.


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Happy Birthday! =) Sorry for the lateness but just saw the thread today.. =S
Hope you had a good one! =D

Andrew why not make a section for Birthday threads so everyone can check it daily? XD