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Ancient 'Great Eruption' Echoes Reach Astronomers


Free Spirit
Staff member
Discovery News.....When the binary star system Eta Carinae experienced a spectacular outburst in 1837 -- dubbed the "Great Eruption" -- there were no cameras or other sophisticated scientific instruments around to record the event for posterity. But now, 170 years later, remnants of light from the Great Eruption are finally reaching Earth, providing new insight into how massive stars behave when they are on the brink of exploding.Read More Here
I think this is interesting how the light from that explosion is being deflected back towards us. Maybe someday far far in the future, I hope, the events of Eta Carinae will help us determine when our sun may be ready to explode.


Registered Member
Wow, that's pretty crazy. I know that light reflects, but I didn't think about light from so far away being able to be measured here on earth from a reflection.

BTW - I think they already have a fairly good estimate of when our sun is due to explode.