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    its pretty good i guess but id like some help :), its predominately machines ;)


    ancient gear golem(need 2 more)
    ancient gear beast
    ancient gear beast
    mobius the frost monarch
    blowback dragon

    non tributes:14
    treeborn frog
    exiled force
    D.D. warrior lady
    ancient gear cannon
    ancient gear cannon
    ancient gear cannon
    ancient gear soldier
    ancient gear soldier
    ancient gear soldier
    ancient gear
    ancient gear
    ancient gear

    ancient gear castle
    ancient gear castle
    ancient gear castle
    ancient gear factory
    ancient gear factory
    ancient gear drill
    machine duplication
    heavy storm
    snatch steal
    lightning vortex
    hammer shot
    7 completed

    torrential tribute
    karma cut
    karma cut
    trap hole
    call of the haunted
    dust tornado

    thats it ;)

  2. - 7 Completed
    + Limiter Removal - better and quicker to do damage with

    - Hammer Shot
    - Machine Duplication
    + 2 Smashing Grounds - better to use this card then Hammer cause that card could end up hitting yourself instead of you'r opponent

    - Acient Gear Castle
    + Gaint Trunade

    - Blowback Dragon
    + Jinzo
    I don't mind having Blowback in there but its really up to you...

    - Acient Gear
    + Mechiancal Chaser

    - Acient Gear Soldier
    + Reflect Bounder

    - Drillago
    + Drilloid - there both good but its again matters up to you what you want to use...

    - Trap Hole
    + Bottomless Trap Hole / Mirror Force

    The last thing I can say about the deck is just try to add in another Ancient Gear Drill and probably two Trojan Horses if you're going to add in two more Acient Gear Golems.

    I also have never heard of Karma Cut. I'm curious on what that does...
  3. those ancient gears aren't that bad he can uses the magnet feild lv 2 special summon low level monsters like ancient gear and ancient gear cannon to tribute them for better ancient gears.
  4. Kos4Evr

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    -1 Ancient gear Cannon
    -1 Ancient Gear
    +2 Giant Rat

    -1 Drillago
    +1 Drillroid

    -1 Machine Duplication
    +1 Last Will

    -7 Completed
    +1 Limiter Removal

    -1 Ancient Gear Factory
    -1 Hammer Shot
    +2 Smashing Ground or Fissure

    -1 Trap Hole
    +1 Mirror Force


    +1 Graceful Charity
  5. # is what i put in, it is now WAY better
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  7. Kos4Evr

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    Hey, I said Graceful Charity. I don't know how anyone else missed it though.
  8. dang you are right, i was problay thinking to much about that fact of the tributes
  9. I thought he would of been able to add that in there himself or herself cause if a staple pretty much anymore.

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