Anarchy isn't flawed....humanity is! If there weren't so many people out there with twisted viewpoints on morality, anarchy would be the perfect government!

That's all I've got to say for now!

Take care!

Mr Casey

Anarchy is a flawed process if man is, since it's his idea. As for twisted morality, isn't it all relative? I think some bands suck and some rock, while you think all music sucks. To me, you have twisted morals.

By your standards, we'd have to kill all but 1 person to achieve true anarchy, because only when you're alone are there no rules or people for the state to rule or even be created.


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So, anarchy would be great if there would be no people, or if people could just shed their innate conditions.

Idealistically perfect, yet practically impossible.

Anarchy's a lousy form of government because people crave organization, laws, and some kind of central authority.

Doesn't work because you can't make an informed consensous to enter anarchy. The people in power and the people that lose something would rebel, there would be civil conflict, and suddenly your informed anarchy becomes a chaotic anarchy.


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Anarchy would exist until one person wanted to rule. That person would start murdering others until he was recognized as the ruler of all.

What do you imagine the earliest civilizations were like?


It seems to me that saying "people are flawed" is often the same as saying "people don't do what I want them to do all the time". A more accurate expression to use is "people are limited". We are limited in our knowledge, our abilities, our time, etc. Many social problems arise due to people's different limitations.

Unfortunately, many (if not most) of our limitations are inherent. Even worse, those that aren't inherent are often self-inflicted. Worst yet, one of the most fundamental limitations upon us is that we cannot change other people's inherent or self-inflicted limitations.

Given this apparently dire prognosis, it seems wondrous that the human race has gotten along as well as it has, for many thousands of years. Why do you think that is? I'll give you a hint: it's not because of institutionalized violence -- otherwise known as the State.

- Rob
Only people who cannot govern themselves need to be governed .. trouble is people don't think about the importance of safeguarding their neighbor .. so long as people wish to ignore the troubles of others .. we will need a government to act as the parental body taking up the slack of those people in society who are too childish to realize the importance of looking out for others ..