Analysis of U.S.A.’s First Opponent, Venezuela


Aw, Here It Goes!
Venezuela is a team in transition right now, and by transition I mean they are trying to move their national team in a younger direction. The decision was made to leave some of their older stars – Richard Lugo, Victor David Diaz and Pablo Machado – off the team and as a result they struggled in the pre-qualifying Stankovic Cup tournament in China, going 0-5.

Oscar Torres is really their main star and his ability to play with them after missing the Stankovic Cup will make a big difference. He is the one player for this team who has spent some time in the NBA, having played with Houston and Golden State from 2001-2003. This past year he played for CSKA in the Euroleague. He is going to have to be a guy who provides a tremendous amount of leadership and some scoring on the wing.
Joining him in the frontcourt is Hector Romero, a very talented interior forward who goes about 6-foot-8. He’s aggressive and he’s got talent. Their backcourt is terrific with Carlos Cedeno and Greivis Vasquez. Vazquez plays college ball in the U.S. at Maryland and Cedeno is a very good, mature point guard. They really do a good job but they’re very young.

This team lacks frontcourt depth. I don’t know if they have enough interior scoring besides Romero. That combined with their relative youth makes me think that they will have a hard time having a successful FIBA tournament.

Torres coming back to the team after missing the Stankovic Cup is the biggest x-factor for this team. He is the kind of guy who, if he’s hot, can carry a team to a victory.

Coaching Philosophy
Nestor Salazar is an aggressive, defensive oriented head coach who, for the most part, wants to have his team playing man to man. However, I don’t know if he has as many horses as he is used to having and he may have to adjust accordingly. This team could shock someone, but it will depend on their draw.

Celtic Fan

translation.. Venezuela is gonna get spanked. Everyone will think team USA is back on track, then they'll still lose to Argentina or Brazil.


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Venezuala isn't what they used to be, lately they have been bringing in young talent who have no expierence whatsoever.


The return shall be legenday!
This game will be a walk of the park for Team U.S.A. They won't even play their top players all that much. They'll give them a chance to get in some playing time but they'll mostly stay on the bench.

Celtic Fan I really think that this year that team U.S.A won't over estimate any opponents and they'll play hard opponent the same. They definitly don't want to blow the chance of winning this tournament.


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I agree with Chris Bosh, I believe that the U.S.A will win the gold this year. I know the Argentians don't have there top three players, but this U.S.A team is much better then recent teams, they have the top two players in the league in James and Bryant. Then they have the two good point guards in Williams and Kidd, and Kidd will surely make Bryant and the others better. Brazil will be a test for them, but I believe they can handle them. In recent years the Americans haven't had any perimeter shooters but they do this time around, and they have two of the best in the league in Redd and Miller.

Tonight should be a sure win, and I believe team U.S.A will take gold.