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Anaheims Geezers...


Son of Liberty
yeah you know who I'm talking about.. :hah: So will Selanne and Neidermayer return to play another season with the Ducks?

They lost in Game 7 to Detroit to end their season last night. There's always the concern that Selanne and Niedermayer might retire. This summer, Selanne will turn 39 and Niedermayer will turn 36. Do they have another year left in them?

I heard this morning on hockey talk xm that its already been speculated on how the Neidermayer re-signing will effect Chris Pronger... Keep in mind Pronger's contract is coming up on its last leg.

So how 'bout 'em? What do you guys think they should do or will do? I'm personally not a huge fan of the way they treated the Ducks these last few questionable seasons what with the way they've been playing "the waiting game".

oh and check it out, I didnt just make this one up all on my own:

Ducks set to play waiting game on veterans again - LA Daily News

ANAHEIM - Let the Scott Niedermayer/Teemu Selanne retirement watch begin.

The offseason guessing game of will-they-or-won't-they is the sequel to the Ducks' latest playoff run, which ended with a climactic Game 7 loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday.

General manager Bob Murray wants both players back even though Niedermayer, who becomes a free agent July1, would need to be re-signed.
Neither the 35-year-old Niedermayer nor the 38-year-old Selanne would tip his hand Saturday, when the team held exit meetings and cleaned out lockers, saying only that Anaheim is the one place they would want to play.
But if there is a clue coming from Niedermayer, it's that he feels "180 degrees" different from 2007, when he was ready to retire after captaining the Ducks to their first Stanley Cup.

"I don't think anyone wants to lose," he said. "It's two totally different mind-sets at the moment."

Selanne said his decision is tied to Niedermayer's, as well as how the team addresses its need for scoring depth.

"Everybody," he said, "wants to see Scotty back."

As for Murray, he can't make any roster plans until his top free agent makes a decision. The GM wants a decision from Niedermayer before the June 26 draft.

"Scotty is irreplaceable. He's everything to this group," Murray said. "I'm going to have to see where he goes before I decide where I go."
Once that happens, plenty of intrigue remains as to how the 2009-10 roster will take shape


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The funny thing is that I mentioned this to my friend last night. Personally I think they would definitely help the Ducks if they came back. Niedermayer is only 35 turning 36 which means he can still offer a lot to the team. He can still be one of the most effective defenseman in the NHL in my opinion.

Selane is turning 39, and he's not the same player he once was, but I still believe if healthy he can pop in 20+ goals, especially with the possibility of playing with young guns like Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan.

If I was the Ducks management I would re-sign them.