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An over reaction state of mind...


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Are we, the fans, and the NHL, referees, players, coaches in an over reaction state of mind? Watching Eller hit Tavares last night was a thing of beauty. I didn't know Eller had that type of hitting in him, hopefully it lights a fire in under him. Tavares was aimlessly going around the net and tried to come out in front reaching for the puck and Eller was able to get the shoulder first... It was a great impact, enough to knock Tavares helmet off. Automatically the referees arm went up... and Tavares was back on his feet faster than the ref could raise his arm. All of the Islanders went after Eller... for a clean hit.

I was surprised and amazed that Eller only got 2 minutes on the play due to the over reaction we are now in. He should have gotten nothing... but I was prepared for 5 minutes. Maybe it was because Tavares got up so quickly? Like I said watching the game "That hit is cleaner than my ass and I just took a dump."

(I was left a little puzzled after Vanek drilled Emelin from behind, enough to bust his nose up when his face landed on someone or the ice and no call was made)

So... are we now in an over reaction state? As soon as a "star" player gets dumped to the ice, if the hit was a hard hit, the hand automatically goes up? That Eller hit on Tavares will make Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em 26... guaranteed!


The return shall be legenday!
The league will protect his star players and John Tavares is one of them. I kinda don't blame them as their the players fans pay to watch play. We also have the beauty of replays, and the refs don't. That Eller hit happened so quickly the ref just went on instinct, and that was calling a automatic 2.


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That's the thing thou... They pop the whistle on a north/south hit but they keep it in their pocket on plays like Phaneuf and Vanek. Nothing would have been called if his helmet had stayed on. What's the difference? Phaneuf and Vanek did not hit rockstars.

Anything that is remotely a "hit to the head" is called these days. Like Downie "ducking" in to Emelin's arm. There was no penalty on the play until Downie went down on the ice and stayed down...

Do you think them forcing Parros to leave the ice last night had nothing to do with the pending lawsuit?