an ode to those dramatic people out there

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    former me included heh this is a poem i wrote after i vented in that blog i just wrote! this is called being a 20 year old.... read it.... AFTER you read this :D

    I am really tired of people starting shit.
    trying to act like they know everything
    can't you tell people see through the fakeness?
    and you think you look cool fighting with me
    but get with the ghandi, nothings cooler then peace

    and when you turn people on me
    it should tell you how quickly it could switch
    and then when people realize you're a bitch
    they'll turn on you too, like they did to me
    and you're gonna learn what a true friend is

    the person who loves you even when you mess up
    and the person who trusts themselves to decide
    so those people who flip and follow your lies
    they'll turn on you too when the time arises
    and if thats the only friends that i could find

    i dont mind having my thoughts and this paper and pen
    because that shit is unbias until the end
    and whatever i say can speak for itself
    not trying to fight some person for
    well nothing except that i dont like their ways

    but really who cares what they say or do?
    i know myself, i know i'm true
    to how i was raised and what i believe
    about being equal, love and peace
    you may think i'm sounding pretty hippie

    and maybe thats out of style but since when
    is caring and loyalty, trust and love
    something we all can't strive for?
    if you cant handle being an adult
    at least let me be so i can achieve what you can not
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  2. Zachary

    Zachary ,,l,, //_- ,,l,,

    *standing obation*

    i think that ^ explains everything i have to say...
  3. velvety_blossom

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    wow I like this part sooooooo much ..!
    dunno what's the story behind this poem but I read it and I loved these lines ^^
  4. EndWinterRomance

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    thanks so much. some people don't get my poetry cause i don't rhyme a lot and have a very distinct rhythm in my head that i don't know if it translates when you read it.

    did any of you have problems catching the rhythm?
  5. velvety_blossom

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    I get your poetry its not that hard but yeah your rhythm is .. different.
    Still I loved this poem 'cause poetry is to convey your feelings, and this poem does that very well !
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