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Seeing how this is the section to talk about t.v and movies I thought it would be funny to aask this question. When was the t.v and movie made?
On January 23, 1926, John Logie Baird (of Scotland) gave the world's first public demonstration of a mechanical television apparatus to approximately 40 members of the Royal Institution at his laboratory on Frith Street. These were images of living human faces, not outlines or silhouettes, with complete tonal gradations of light and shade.

They first developed the Kinetophonograph (or Kinetophone), a precursor of the 1891 Kinetoscope (see below), that synchronized film projection with sound from a phonograph record. The projector was connected to the phonograph with a pulley system, but it didn't work very well and was difficult to synchronize. Although Edison is often credited with the development of early motion picture cameras and projectors, it was Dickson, in November 1890, who devised a crude camera that could photograph motion pictures - called a Kinetograph. This was one of the major reasons for the emergence of motion pictures in the 1890s.
One would think t.v would have came out first.
Consider, movies are played with a physical role of film with light shining through it onto a projecter screen. This is much less technical than TV, which involves the transit of non-physical data.

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Of course, one would think that the first Movie would be "The Great Train Robbery" because until then, we simply had "moving pictures" with no story or artistic value. That was 1903.