An Inconvenient Truth


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This movie looks really interesting...

It's more of a documentary than a "movie" per say, but I think it is going to have a positive effect. It is hosted by former "next president" (As he puts it) Al Gore, and is a film meant to open the worlds eyes to the destruction of our planet through global warming and other recent problems that have been addressed.

What are your thoughts on this movie trailer? Do you think this is something that needs to be addressed?


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That does look like an interesting movie, Andrew, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a bleeding heart liberal who would have voted Democrat if I'd been allowed to vote in the U.S. when I lived there. Actually, I never really warmed up (no pun intended) to Al Gore during the Clinton administration.

I used to believe that global warming would be the end of the planet unless we did something about it, but some stuff I've read recently puts some of my belief into question. I'd have to really delve into it and read the scientific reports that both sides use to support their position before I'd come down on one side or the other now. Personally, I think if global warming is responsible for the things that are happening that people say it is, then I think it's already too late for us to solve the problem. It's gone too far to resolve. That is kind of scary to think about, so when I started looking into it a bit more and found that some legitimate scientists don't think that global warming is the planet killer that others see it as, I decided to defer my final opinion (well, until more evidence came in) until I had time to really look into it.

So I'm not really sure yet where I stand on the issue, but thanks for the movie trailer - it certainly looks like something one should see if you are concerned about this issue (and want to get scared in the bargain :) )

BTW, off topic I know (hit me again, please), do you think ScaryMovie4 is going to be worth going to see?


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This is not a new issue,it has been tossed around for decades by anyone wanting to gather an audience, these people keep telling us to recycle, car pool etc. but the major industries just keep pumping out more and more pollution.
When someone comes up with a solution that is fair to all i'll do my bit.


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Exactly, the individual is not going to be able to stop this, but environmental laws can.

I find it interesting that the film claims that 10 of the hottest years ever recorded were within the last 14 years or so.


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I'm sure that such a movie is going to strike differently in everybody's minds. (Conservative / Liberal) It's actually quite intresting, I just watched a presentation on Global Warming...

I believe that movies / documentaries like these are important... and hopefully one day the general public will vote for what is good for the enviornment, and not only what is good for themselves.

(now you'd wonder why the prices for fuel are skyrocketing ;) )
Do you know what is disturbing... a movie called loose change 9/11. It can be viewed on google video. But I mean, it is pretty scary how it shows possble evidence of 9/11 being a government coverup. But I mean that cannot be right, right?