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Discussion in 'Computers' started by elcaminojoe, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. elcaminojoe

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    there should be a site that is an index of minimum/recommended requirements for computer games. They could be either be submitted by users (if they got games to run under sub-par specs, they could mention this as well) and/or be submitted by the actual game vendors/developers. This would be awesome because then you could view a giant list of games/reviews/content/screenshots/etc. for games that would only play on your system. It could be in a giant list, and you could sort it by RAM (required/recommended), processor speed (required/recommended), and graphics card (required/recommended), hard drive space required, etc. You could even show an advanced panel for the graphics cards which shows like what version of pixel shader is required, etc. It would be SO AWESOME!!!!!
    anyway. If I had the ability, it would be totally awesome to do this.

    any thoughts?

    or, if there is such a thing, where the f*** is it? I looked online a LOTTTTT.

  2. WesJones87

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    I don't know if theres any website with all that info, but there is one that's called Can You Run It You put in the name of a game and it checks your system to see if you have the relevant minimum hardware to run it. It even lets you know how much you need to do to reach optimum running performance.
  3. elcaminojoe

    elcaminojoe Registered Member

    yes I did find that site. very nice. It's a shame it only runs on IE. but I did check it out. It was very cool. Now if only it could be expounded upon with my idea lol

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