An Excited And Happy Hello!


Babeasaurus Sex
Good Afternoon!

Hi! Hope everyone is grand on this fine day.

My names Kibi (Pronounced Key Bee) and I'm a generally happy and hyper creature!

I can't wait to start talking!

Love :) x


The Rock is cooking atm..
Hehe welcome to the forums Kibi :D

You'll find that you'll fit in even with the weirdest members.

Babe ruth in particular, he has a problem with biting new members for some reason, we're still looking for a cure =P


Babeasaurus Sex

What better than a welcolm bite :D

Thanks guys :)

Babe Ruth - Lucozade = the mother of all hangover cures :)



Epic Gamer
Hey there, Kibi! Welcome to GeneralForum!!

It's a pretty great place when it gets going. ;) You seem like the sort we need around here, exciting and fun are always good things to have! :D Trust me.

So tell us a little about yourself, settle in, and make yourself at home!


Babeasaurus Sex
Hey Chaos!


Erm...about me well erm...

I'm 22 I'm currently at University studying for a degree in Advertising.

I'm part of an amateur dramatics group and I also do the publicity for them.

I guess personality traits can't really be described they have to be discovered! I can quite honestly say I'm a glass half full person and always like to find the best in people, I'm not naive though and I don't stand for BS.

I like doing active stuff but I can have my lazy days too.

I'm a complete geek with technology, adverts/marketing concepts, comics, cult tv and music.

Oh and I can be quite mischevious and my nickname amongst my friends is Tink or Roo :)

I think thats all the important stuff!



Epic Gamer
.....I like you already. I hereby forbid you to leave GF forevah! :nod:

What are your thoughts on Crocodile Dundee, perchance? :innocent:


Babeasaurus Sex
Hmm....Crocodile Dundee.....

Oh gosh not seen those films forever! I used to love them though....I'm sure I've got them in my DVD collection somewhere......must hunt when I get home....why?

And awww thanks *blush* I feel muchos loved!



Babeasaurus Sex

Awww Thanks very much *courtsey*

I shan't leave :)

Crocodile Dundee is a fab set of films pure CHEESE!!!! Why? Is it like an innitiation question...haha

XxX :D