An Esoteric Journey

There is a stillness of the inner churning, unobserved, so silent and frozen in time and thus outside of time. I become one with it and for a moment am immortal, first seeing, then being all. Just a blink and it's a lingering flavor of eternity in my mind. A reminder of that which can never be remembered. But in the depths of the moment, there is a power beyond imagining which my imagination reaches for with great hunger. And in the inkling of a memory there is still a connection to the ever churning within all things and the invisible torrents binding all things together. No, the connection is not in the sense of the motion, but in the patterns that overlay and ultimately guide it. A static image that burns beyond the visual to grab and conform your soul.

Clarity is reborn from darkness and the true meaning of perfection imposes itself upon me like the weight of the world upon a simple lump of clay. A fading memory that is too deep to ever fade completely. I revive it for but a moment in times of inspiration and my spirit tingles with energy and simple circumstance is mine to command, if only for a short while. If you understand this. If you feel it in the words as you read them, then your journey begins to the essence of where you are.
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That is deep. I'm not a deep person myself, but I can tell your material is beautifully written. Do you maintain a blog or write for a different site?