An appropriate use of "It's Complicated w/ Kat. J."


For a Free Scotland
- You were going to go out together on a defined DATE tomorrow
- You looked up the florist and askes some girls what a good date flower is
- You picked a movie she'd like in a place she can easily get to, at a good hour
- You let her choose the day of the date so it didn't impose on her schedule.
- You thought about buying a new shirt that didn't have socialist or political iconography on it.


-There's a family emergency and Kat. has to leave the country for awhile.
- It's going to take a while because the PRC is quaranteening people travling from H1N1 countries like America, so there's several days delay both ways.
-She'll get back in about a month.


-The date is still on for when she comes back
-You're totally going to plan something ebtter
-There will chocolate waiting for her when she gets back
-I can figure out a better flower that's blue or purple than orchids


Andrew M.

Relationship status: It's Complicated with Kat J.