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[Amusement] Stand By What You Say


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Smel's got the right idea. If we're gonna have a fullblown Subtalk Renaissance here, we might as well start up a couple more of these simple, quick amusements. This kind of stuff was always fun:

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Click on the statistics tab on your profile
  3. Click Find all posts by -Your Username-
  4. Navigate to page 99. If you don't have a page 99, go to the very last page you do have.
  5. Quote the post at the top of page 99, so that we may all laugh at the random out-of-contextness of your past silliness.
Here's mine:
Are you guys sure "Hetero" was the epithet you were looking for?


Creeping On You
a limerick!

Right here on the boards
Lay in wait, giant hoards
Of geeks and nerds
And little blue birds
And those who mistakingly like fords.
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still nobody's bitch
it actually just happened, not with me and ysabel, though

I was in a store yesterday and they were playing the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, which I hadn't heard in years. Just now I'm chatting with anita on g-talk, and she mentioned Jennifer Grey on Dancing With The Stars, and how there was a clip of her breaking down when they played a song that reminded her of Patrick Swayze.

Also a few months ago, MAg said something about the Led Zeppelin tune Ten Years Gone on his facebook page, and not two minutes after I read that, it came on the radio. That song is rarely played on the radio.
a thread started by saffy. wonder where she went?


yellow 4!
lol, I remember that. haven't used that info yet but I shall do some day. and if you were wrong then you're in trouble. :)


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I think the rules may have changed since then. Although since you're not from the US, the rule might not apply to you...